Postoperative care

Postoperative care is as important as the surgery in achieving a good outcome for your problem.

  1. Keep the limb elevated. This decreases swelling, which helps to reduce pain and minimizes stiffness. If the hand throbs when it is dependent, make sure to elevate it higher

  2. Keep the fingers moving. Straighten them out completely, then fully flex the fingers (make a fist), then spread them out like a giant spider. Do this 5 times every hour while you are awake.

  3. Keep the elbow and shoulder moving. Bend the arm completely up, then straighten out the arm and lift it up towards the ceiling.

  4. Keep the dressings dry. If you need to shower, cover the arm with a plastic bag, seal the bag and keep the arm up so water drains away from the hand.

  5. Take 500mg of Vitamin C every day for six weeks after the surgery. This can help with swelling and stiffness.

  6. Call me on my mobile if you have any questions, particularly if you are having increasing pain.